Using WhatsApp as Business Posts

2019-10-04 06:34:17

Now a days, please are socially active rather it would be said addictive on various social media and Facebook was the one till a year or twice earlier.

The most dynamic and fast, user friendly and simple is WHATSAPP. The group is one feature very unique and at the same time serves the same post being shared with multiple person. Occassionaly we posts many thing in group that can be our requirement or our marketing or even some information.

Few very important point we should keep in mind are:

  • Consider the receipient (because group has discreet people and from multiple city and location, castes and educational background, language and geographical mentions should be properly spelled out).
  • Share proper connect and logic so that people feel and get clear information what they need and for whom, till which period and always put a time and date somewhere for a message for circulation wherw time is essence (e.g. If u need some help, e.g. blood, doctors name or appointment its not an open offer in general and its sharing for long has no purpose and usability).
  • If u float a message please specify your exact requirement (for example if u need an event manager and if u have some occassion please mention alongwith city and deadline so that connects can accordingly feel to take action.)

Rest points will share shortly in next posts.try to understand WHO, WHY, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, etc.


-Sanjay Kumar Jha


Interview and 2 Tricky Questions & Answers

2019-09-29 23:00:47

A Simplified Sunday and Passionate Greetings of the day!

We all have to attend Interview or an environment like environment be it for Job or be it for meeting with client for negotiation and prove our standings and positions.

A very common yet the most confusing question is why you should be hired or what makes you different from the other candidate or professionals interested for the work/role. We need to be very clear and transparent, why and how we are different, what’s our USP and how we can commit our self and assure we are best. Quality, Understanding, Timing and Punctuality, Efficient, Team Player, Fast and Pragmatic, Worth the value or economical in long term, service or availability is another point.

The other question is What is your expectation in terms of salary or compensation and service charge, cost or professional fees, in summary the pricing point. The very concern is that we need this job and or order and its vital and is a question of do or die or another instance where we don’t actually is in a position that this is my last option and I have many other option and choices or have alternate opportunity. In both these extreme our answer should be clear and concise so that the person on the other side know and understand how much we are clear on our terms and requirement, how much we are evaluating self and confident to ask for such monetary value. Remember it’s not a price tag affixed, we can vary it a bit always but there should some indicative point.  

Let’s avoid these jargon as:

·         try us once and we can assure best

·         you try to give a chance

·         negotiable compensation

·         as per industry standard

·         you better judge and give the best

Hope these tips can help someone. If you like, share if you care, so that some fresher or whoever deserves may get these concept and change their appearance and on the outcome it may be favorable for him/her.

Will get back in detail in next session, till then Stay Fit and active and believe in PASSION POSITIVITY.

-Sanjay (+91-9331177595)