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COVID 19 and Business

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Everything has a positive aspect and this gives us satisfaction and faith in the future and energy to be optimistic even when we are in extreme dark.

COVID 19, the deadly virus and global pandemic impacted badly the life and whole economy and system, many lost jobs, many have lost their near and dear ones. The positivity has still there as a sign of relief. This gave the insight to change with the changed scenario.

The concept of Distance education, the use of technology, and distancing and work from distance and home has been in trend with a new concept of freedom from congestion and traffic, rush hours, etc.

Now, people are getting more time for their family members, many got time to scale their skill, learn a new talent, work on their hobby, learnings in some new segment are some positive aspect.

Social media, links, and platform as Zoom, Google meet, online education, delivery, and apps on daily necessities have helped the life to be on track in this testing times.

Social services, charitable organizations, communities, and people have served mankind more than ever before. Time tested government, their agencies, system, and all and each one of them have done their best and  contributed to coming out of this deadly scenario with a thought we can and will together manage any catastrophe 

Let humanity win with humility and humor. Let the COVID 19 be a training and learning session, a session to sit and take a step forward with new zeal and skill. Let's come successful and grow to even recover the period we lost due to this pathetic past which is now we hope a past and we all have faced a disaster never seen or expected before. 

07-Sep-2021 04:31:14 am