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Happy Holi

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Holi a festival of Colours, Fun and Happiness

Though all festivals is a fun and momemnt to enjoy and cherish but the festivals celebrated since centruies in India and under Indian Mythology is unique since all except to few is somewhere related to one season or other.

Holi is festival of colours when Winter is just away and Summer is set to in. The festival is welcome based on agricultual new produce. The celebrations is enjoyed by colours and Holika Dahan for the matter to environmental purity to eradicate all those weeds and pests of Winter if yet left and fill nature with new and pure environment.

The festival is enjoyed using colours and sprinkles of Gulal and warm welcome by forgetting all year long enmity and any grudges.

Let this Diwali bring the economy, nation and world at large an atmoshpehere where we all can enjoy and cherish the beautiful life and play with water as much as you can, Water is Purity and Water if Fun!

01-Jun-2021 04:54:05 am