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Current Situation In India

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India is the Country and Land of diversity and Adversity, Opportunity, and opportunist yet the nation and people are very dynamic and all set to enter a new era to lead the entire world and the Universe too.

The generation is fast, intelligent, sharp, and shrewd, they know the world has taken them for granted and screwed but its no more. They are keen to challenge all on any front, be it study, be it technology, daring, athlete, or any subject or aspect.

Nationality and love for the land, native, Indians and Indian Product, company and talent were ignored globally as well by the fellow Indian but this is a completely new thing and unity, count and bank on the nation and national interest is of prime importance and is evident and predominant now. Even the poorest poor are making no compromise when a matter of land and nation. Now we have understood that Kashmir to Kanyakumari we are one.

The political differences, disturbances, and divisions are there but the nation and national interest knows none of them and is standing strong and for this, the nation is all set to grow exponentially.

Some changes backed in the current system as Educational Policy, Changes in Bureaucracy selection, promotion, transparency, and new tax regime also one such move that will help India.

The Global giants are moving now India and Indian is taking charge to sail the Boat of Global progress and this we can see in the next few years and this continues for centuries and India will be World leader on every front, 2025 is set for a NEW CHANGED INDIA- A GLOBAL HUB. Lets Cherish the moment and contribute a INDIA of 2025 or GLOBAL HUB: INDIA

01-Jun-2021 05:10:11 am