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Use of Social Media in Business

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Social Media is a booming marketing tool, mixed with multiple options, ranges, and reach.

The various social media platform as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn is commonly prevalent and now Business WhatsApp is one newly added but most handy in this segment.

GMB (Google my Business) has a unique place as it works and gives the option to create a website and url with many features as career, products and service display, timing, connect and chat, etc. with the most common feature as Reviews and ratings.

The simplest and best thing is it promotes one's product or service because those social media thrives and survives from these data and information only shared by users and these data and information can be either personal or business, community or social messages.

The most important thing is the age factor which is using these social media platforms is starting from as small and young as1 or 2 years to 70-80 years people, means to summarise anyone who can hold mobile and has basic body and mind support falls and lures for these, maybe depending on age and trend, tastes the platform and their utility varies.

Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, etc. are some other utility-oriented platforms very common in their segment and used by matured and purpose-oriented people.

The dynamism of these platforms is it can be translated via its inbuilt tools into local or any popular language, is accessible almost all across the corner of the globe, needs lesser data and is super smooth. Most of the users are mobile users and desktop use is meager 10%-15%.

Facebook dominates the stats by 2.7 Billion users, followed by Youtube and Whatsapp at a common level of 2 Billion users base, Messenger and Instagram at around 1 Billion.

The users are very mature or can be very young and can be carried away by content, some use these for entertainment some for engagement, some for earning some for learning, some shares data and information and some pulls from it and never shares, depending on requirement all are here but one thing is common is time and trend.

If you have a business, you need to choose which platform and what to promote considering the following aspects:

  • Type of Customer (Mature, young, casual, specific, or general)
  • Age of Customer (Kids needs Cartoon and Display whereas Seniors need Audio or Video as age impairs their readability)
  • Focus Area (Sales, Awareness, Generating Inquiry)
  • Quality of Customer
  • Your Product or Service is Class or Mass
  • Paid Promotion (Boosting) or Free Promotion
  • Need elaborative explanation or Indicative or Simple Promo will work

For assistance and guidance Team SIMPLIFIED is there for your services. We help you decide the right platform, right strategy, creatives designing, video, and other tools assistance, managing pages and boosts, customer engagement, competitor analysis, USP focus, etc.

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13-Sep-2021 03:29:41 am

COVID 19 and Business

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Everything has a positive aspect and this gives us satisfaction and faith in the future and energy to be optimistic even when we are in extreme dark.

COVID 19, the deadly virus and global pandemic impacted badly the life and whole economy and system, many lost jobs, many have lost their near and dear ones. The positivity has still there as a sign of relief. This gave the insight to change with the changed scenario.

The concept of Distance education, the use of technology, and distancing and work from distance and home has been in trend with a new concept of freedom from congestion and traffic, rush hours, etc.

Now, people are getting more time for their family members, many got time to scale their skill, learn a new talent, work on their hobby, learnings in some new segment are some positive aspect.

Social media, links, and platform as Zoom, Google meet, online education, delivery, and apps on daily necessities have helped the life to be on track in this testing times.

Social services, charitable organizations, communities, and people have served mankind more than ever before. Time tested government, their agencies, system, and all and each one of them have done their best and  contributed to coming out of this deadly scenario with a thought we can and will together manage any catastrophe 

Let humanity win with humility and humor. Let the COVID 19 be a training and learning session, a session to sit and take a step forward with new zeal and skill. Let's come successful and grow to even recover the period we lost due to this pathetic past which is now we hope a past and we all have faced a disaster never seen or expected before. 

07-Sep-2021 04:31:14 am

Impact of COVID-19 on Career

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The COVID-19 has almost brought a halt to the entire generation, be it economic aspect, be it education, infra or anything. All age has been hit severely but the worst in hit on those who had dreamt to be at some position and was to appear for some important career deciding exams. Many were very much prepared and got lost because of no hope when things will be normal and they will again come to an environment where they will get a chance to stand out and face competition and come out as successful and meritorious candidates. Many had to appear competitive exams while some had vocation exams. somewhere to join an organization and all is on hold due to tot his pandemic. The Virus has almost made everyone paralyzed.

The small budding generation couldn't understand what has happened all of a sudden no school, no playground, parents and guardians all and always at home. Once a daydream for them the mobile is now their nightmare, They hate this system where they have no friends of their age, no classes, tiffin and all scenario which they were somehow adopted and accepted though was painful is now all of a sudden a thing they were missing.

The entire world is hit but those who have to shape their career is almost misguided amidst their passing days and the pandemic which forced all to stay at home and forget the rest and future just be happy within four walls and care for self and family, hygiene and health, remain packed for life safety. The government is also clueless about how to manage the exchequer and where to focus ill health system, poor people or bringing life basic needs to all at affordable rates. Gradually we are improving, the world is recovering. Let's pray almighty that the wheel comes on track at the earliest possible.

07-Sep-2021 03:35:15 am

Happy Holi

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Holi a festival of Colours, Fun and Happiness

Though all festivals is a fun and momemnt to enjoy and cherish but the festivals celebrated since centruies in India and under Indian Mythology is unique since all except to few is somewhere related to one season or other.

Holi is festival of colours when Winter is just away and Summer is set to in. The festival is welcome based on agricultual new produce. The celebrations is enjoyed by colours and Holika Dahan for the matter to environmental purity to eradicate all those weeds and pests of Winter if yet left and fill nature with new and pure environment.

The festival is enjoyed using colours and sprinkles of Gulal and warm welcome by forgetting all year long enmity and any grudges.

Let this Diwali bring the economy, nation and world at large an atmoshpehere where we all can enjoy and cherish the beautiful life and play with water as much as you can, Water is Purity and Water if Fun!

01-Jun-2021 04:54:05 am

Current Situation In India

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India is the Country and Land of diversity and Adversity, Opportunity, and opportunist yet the nation and people are very dynamic and all set to enter a new era to lead the entire world and the Universe too.

The generation is fast, intelligent, sharp, and shrewd, they know the world has taken them for granted and screwed but its no more. They are keen to challenge all on any front, be it study, be it technology, daring, athlete, or any subject or aspect.

Nationality and love for the land, native, Indians and Indian Product, company and talent were ignored globally as well by the fellow Indian but this is a completely new thing and unity, count and bank on the nation and national interest is of prime importance and is evident and predominant now. Even the poorest poor are making no compromise when a matter of land and nation. Now we have understood that Kashmir to Kanyakumari we are one.

The political differences, disturbances, and divisions are there but the nation and national interest knows none of them and is standing strong and for this, the nation is all set to grow exponentially.

Some changes backed in the current system as Educational Policy, Changes in Bureaucracy selection, promotion, transparency, and new tax regime also one such move that will help India.

The Global giants are moving now India and Indian is taking charge to sail the Boat of Global progress and this we can see in the next few years and this continues for centuries and India will be World leader on every front, 2025 is set for a NEW CHANGED INDIA- A GLOBAL HUB. Lets Cherish the moment and contribute a INDIA of 2025 or GLOBAL HUB: INDIA

01-Jun-2021 05:10:11 am

Interview and 2 Tricky Questions & Answers

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A Simplified Sunday and Passionate Greetings of the day!

We all have to attend Interview or an environment like environment be it for Job or be it for meeting with client for negotiation and prove our standings and positions.

A very common yet the most confusing question is why you should be hired or what makes you different from the other candidate or professionals interested for the work/role. We need to be very clear and transparent, why and how we are different, what’s our USP and how we can commit our self and assure we are best. Quality, Understanding, Timing and Punctuality, Efficient, Team Player, Fast and Pragmatic, Worth the value or economical in long term, service or availability is another point.

The other question is What is your expectation in terms of salary or compensation and service charge, cost or professional fees, in summary the pricing point. The very concern is that we need this job and or order and its vital and is a question of do or die or another instance where we don’t actually is in a position that this is my last option and I have many other option and choices or have alternate opportunity. In both these extreme our answer should be clear and concise so that the person on the other side know and understand how much we are clear on our terms and requirement, how much we are evaluating self and confident to ask for such monetary value. Remember it’s not a price tag affixed, we can vary it a bit always but there should some indicative point.  

Let’s avoid these jargon as:

·         try us once and we can assure best

·         you try to give a chance

·         negotiable compensation

·         as per industry standard

·         you better judge and give the best

Hope these tips can help someone. If you like, share if you care, so that some fresher or whoever deserves may get these concept and change their appearance and on the outcome it may be favorable for him/her.

Will get back in detail in next session, till then Stay Fit and active and believe in PASSION POSITIVITY.

-Sanjay (+91-9331177595)


01-Jun-2021 04:31:09 am

School Fees and COVID19

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The Pandemic has affected every nooks and corner of the world either directly or is hit by the economy.

THERE HAS BEEN EVERYWHERE THE RELATIONS DISPUTE BETWEEN PAYER AND RECEIVER as both are dependent on each other for their fulfillment. The Payer has lost their flow of incoming and the Receiver need to manage his life, livelihood, and commitments. This is the case of employer-employee, landlord-tenant, service recipient and service provider, parents and school management or private tutor and the list goes on. This HAS TO BE SOLVED BY MUTUAL DISCUSSION AND THIS GOVERNMENT CAN SET GUIDELINES but can’t override their personal relations in a general sense.

The worst-hit and discussed and disputed is a relation between Parent and School Authority and teachers. The parents think no school no fees, school management says but how will we survive as they need to pay teachers their salary and also many other costs and commitments.

I personally feel, the school should find a solution, in this global crisis they need to convince their teachers and other staff for some FOREGO AND ACCEPT UPTO 50-60% SALARY as this could manage their life since all are also saving their time, travel cost, etc. and some are paying from their savings. SCHOOL SHOULD INSIST FEES OF AROUND 50-60% AND THUS PARENTS WILL ALSO NOT BE OVER BURDENED as many of them have not got their salary or got reduced and deducted pay.

ITS STAKE FOR PARENT AND ONLY THEY ARE LOOSER IN ALL WAY AS ITS THEIR CHILD FUTURE and the teachers should not be deprived of livelihood so should support this. To collect fees school are forced to start ONLINE CLASSES WHICH HAS SO FAR VERY BAD REVIEW AND FEELINGS AND NO ONE IS SATISFIED, neither parent nor student is gaining much. The EYES AND MIND OF CHILD CAN HAVE ADVERSE IMPACT so better let these KIDS ATLEAST UPTO CLASS 6 BE GIVEN FULL TIME TO ENJOY their life and enjoy video of some 2/3 hours learning lesson not of syllabus rather some value and entertainment, cultural activity and passion.



This CORONA is there but will go sooner or later but the society, social community, chain and people will be there so we need to take care of each other.

01-Jun-2021 05:06:51 am