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Use of Social Media in Business

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Social Media is a booming marketing tool, mixed with multiple options, ranges, and reach.

The various social media platform as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn is commonly prevalent and now Business WhatsApp is one newly added but most handy in this segment.

GMB (Google my Business) has a unique place as it works and gives the option to create a website and url with many features as career, products and service display, timing, connect and chat, etc. with the most common feature as Reviews and ratings.

The simplest and best thing is it promotes one's product or service because those social media thrives and survives from these data and information only shared by users and these data and information can be either personal or business, community or social messages.

The most important thing is the age factor which is using these social media platforms is starting from as small and young as1 or 2 years to 70-80 years people, means to summarise anyone who can hold mobile and has basic body and mind support falls and lures for these, maybe depending on age and trend, tastes the platform and their utility varies.

Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, etc. are some other utility-oriented platforms very common in their segment and used by matured and purpose-oriented people.

The dynamism of these platforms is it can be translated via its inbuilt tools into local or any popular language, is accessible almost all across the corner of the globe, needs lesser data and is super smooth. Most of the users are mobile users and desktop use is meager 10%-15%.

Facebook dominates the stats by 2.7 Billion users, followed by Youtube and Whatsapp at a common level of 2 Billion users base, Messenger and Instagram at around 1 Billion.

The users are very mature or can be very young and can be carried away by content, some use these for entertainment some for engagement, some for earning some for learning, some shares data and information and some pulls from it and never shares, depending on requirement all are here but one thing is common is time and trend.

If you have a business, you need to choose which platform and what to promote considering the following aspects:

  • Type of Customer (Mature, young, casual, specific, or general)
  • Age of Customer (Kids needs Cartoon and Display whereas Seniors need Audio or Video as age impairs their readability)
  • Focus Area (Sales, Awareness, Generating Inquiry)
  • Quality of Customer
  • Your Product or Service is Class or Mass
  • Paid Promotion (Boosting) or Free Promotion
  • Need elaborative explanation or Indicative or Simple Promo will work

For assistance and guidance Team SIMPLIFIED is there for your services. We help you decide the right platform, right strategy, creatives designing, video, and other tools assistance, managing pages and boosts, customer engagement, competitor analysis, USP focus, etc.

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13-Sep-2021 03:29:41 am