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Impact of COVID-19 on Career

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The COVID-19 has almost brought a halt to the entire generation, be it economic aspect, be it education, infra or anything. All age has been hit severely but the worst in hit on those who had dreamt to be at some position and was to appear for some important career deciding exams. Many were very much prepared and got lost because of no hope when things will be normal and they will again come to an environment where they will get a chance to stand out and face competition and come out as successful and meritorious candidates. Many had to appear competitive exams while some had vocation exams. somewhere to join an organization and all is on hold due to tot his pandemic. The Virus has almost made everyone paralyzed.

The small budding generation couldn't understand what has happened all of a sudden no school, no playground, parents and guardians all and always at home. Once a daydream for them the mobile is now their nightmare, They hate this system where they have no friends of their age, no classes, tiffin and all scenario which they were somehow adopted and accepted though was painful is now all of a sudden a thing they were missing.

The entire world is hit but those who have to shape their career is almost misguided amidst their passing days and the pandemic which forced all to stay at home and forget the rest and future just be happy within four walls and care for self and family, hygiene and health, remain packed for life safety. The government is also clueless about how to manage the exchequer and where to focus ill health system, poor people or bringing life basic needs to all at affordable rates. Gradually we are improving, the world is recovering. Let's pray almighty that the wheel comes on track at the earliest possible.

07-Sep-2021 03:35:15 am