Accounting & Taxation

ACCOUNTING: It is the most critical department of every business and needs special care for its maintenance. Only a qualified and skilled accounts professional with depth knowledge can handle the work efficiently. The accounting task mainly includes back-office services and works as a support to production and marketing team of any organization.

        Accounts department performs book-keeping, general ledger, tax computation and filing, data entry, spreadsheet and statutory form completion and submission work. Accounting business outsources process is meant to transfer your entire workload regarding the maintenance of accounts. By this, you will not have to hire personnel on your direct payroll with a risk of their leaving, data theft, additional costs and establish a separate department. Accounting outsourcing is not only cost effective it also saves lots of time in arranging, training and managing a team of accounts. You get your responsibility completed at a cost 30% to 50% cheaper than your current cost and you are not required to make follow-ups for your reports. We at SIMPLIFIED will do the same for you and make sure that you receive all information and reports at pre-agreed deadlines. You just have to view reports and focus key points highlighted by us concerning your business. SIMPLIFIED is an online small business accounting firm. SIMPLIFIED is managed by people from a diversified field with years of expertise in handling the daily accounting, taxation and financial functioning of all kind of businesses.

TAXATION: Our Taxation Services offer an entire gamut of customized outsourcing taxation services to customers throughout India. We cover taxation services including tax preparation and tax consulting. Our services are not just about cutting costs and increasing the efficiency of customers’ tax procedures but more importantly about augmenting the business value of their organizations. Our experts have extensive experience in tax matter preparation and reporting, handling tax compliance workload and meeting taxation return filing deadlines. We have efficient and top-of-the-line technological solutions. Our team of taxation experts is well-conversant with all major and widely accepted software. The team receives continuous in-house training to ensure that they stay abreast of all taxation laws and regulations and can easily adapt themselves to use any customer-specified requirements. We cover everything from an arena of taxation including Goods & Service Tax and Customs Law.

Online Application and Filling

        Nowadays most of the work be it private or public organization, things are getting documented via computer with the help of internet even through remote location. Each and every department is avoiding the acceptance of papers for their information and need the direct digitised mode of information which could be uploaded in the link provided by them wherefrom they could scrutinize the same and respond accordingly as was in case when papers were submitted to consume the extinct natural resources as well as piling of such records taking away unnecessarily huge space.
Everything is now accepted online and by the enforcement of Information Technology Act, even legal validity of the document is possible with the help of usage of DIGITAL SIGNATURE CERTIFICATE. We can assist you in filing application related to Company and LLP formation, PAN and TAN application, GST (Registration to routine filing), all labour laws (PF, ESIC, PT, Shop & Establishment), Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright and Trademarks). We serve you in the regular submission of desired information and returns to these departments including the filing of Income Tax returns.

License and Registration

        A business required various approval from different authority to start and run and the compliance of the same on a routine basis is the basic fundamentals which cannot be ignored as LAW OF LAND can’t be ignored and the fault or ignorance of the same is not acceptable for whatsoever ground.We at SIMPLIFIED helps to get your business registered with various licensing authority as Drug License, Liquor License, etc.
We help you to get registration with:

  • Fire License
  • Pollution License
  • Liquor/Bar License
  • Food/ FSSAI License
  • Drug License
  • Trademark and Brand Registration
  • ISO Certification and other brand valuation agencies and departments.