Our Accounting
Realtime & Efficient.


  • Keep your data with us

    It will have them real-time stock with company/godown and have to be booked through tab/mobile apps (Android version).

  • Track Employees

    Employees attendance, location of order booking, payment collection and instant party ledger update is another advantage.

  • Smart Working

    Will help employee to be technology driven, smart and be on time Everytime.

  • Reduce Work Load

    Reduce double workings and delay in godown to get orders to dispatch since it's integrated to updated with every order booked.

More Features of Accounting Softwares

  • Pricing and Plans

    Basically we have tried to keep pricing thats in reach of all and pocket friendly.
    A Monthly rental plan, PAY AS YOU GO, means we charge as you grow and the way we serve you. This keeps us even constantly on toe to provide you better and updated services.

  • Platform & Software Language

    We have used Laravel, Java, PHP, SQL, etc. and many more languages to gain the best optimized version of this software.

  • Benefits of being with us

    A team of professionals with average age of 26 years we're charged to keep you happy without any social or other limitation. We help you or your team whenever you need us and can say you can always find us with you.

Whom we Serve

A Sales Team dependant comapny having as low as 5 Ground force or as high as 5000 ground force can track their field marshal and their real time order or service booking, reimbursement. Also any organisation who wants to avoid double work, be in real time and streamline their business can be here a part of our business process smoothness.

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