Cloud based Fixed Assets records helps to store and track always the records of all assets and the position and actual user or is available. The Assets records is exhaustive and is identified for different module as Depreciation, Repairs and Maintenance and Warranty.


Automatic numbering based on group, date, etc. & preparation of labels, bar-codes and asset identification numbers.
Reduced manual interference smoothens the overall process and reduces chances of errors.

Tracking the physical place of all movable and immovable assets and the user department and office.
Classification of assets by - a. Category b. Location c. User d. Depreciation Category (as per taxation laws) e. Custom (as per need)

Automatic alerts & notifications to the concerned department about repairs & maintenance schedules.
Regular updates ensure compliance with latest amendments in the laws.

Benefits of Fixed Asset


Easy to use

ASSETTAG has many built-in features, facilitates quick recording of asset movement and has all features of export/import wherever required.


Tax compliance

Compliance with tax laws is one of the main features, which not only ensures timely and tension-free compliance with all regulations.


Saves Time

Easily access asset records or information you need, its user-friendly. Exhaustive reports helps to get information at just a mouse click.


Automates Calculations

Manually/ excel workbooks are a past. We remove human effort and intervention and do all possible activity using system and automations.



Basic Plan


Corporate Plan


Premium Plan

Details Basic Plan
Annual Rental & Maintenance 8000
Features Asset Details Recording into Class, Category, Asset Ddescription, Unique ID and System ID.
Number of Login Allowed 3
Branch/ Location 1
User Tagging and Tracking None
Department None
Depreciation Report Available
One time setup Charge 3000

Details Corporate Plan
Annual Rental & Maintenance 12000
Features Additionally to Basic Plan, Bar Coding and Other Notification (AMC, Insurance, Road Tax) Concept.
Number of Login Allowed 20
Branch/ Location 10
User Tagging and Tracking None
Department Allowed
Depreciation Report Available
One time setup Charge 5000

Details Premium Plan
Annual Rental & Maintenance. 25000
Features Additionally to Basic plan and Corporate Plan, Audit module will be an added feature.
Number of Login Allowed 50
Branch/ Location 100
User Tagging and Tracking Can be tagged to user
Department Allowed
Depreciation Report Available
One time setup Charge 8000

Fixed Asset Accounting Software Research Guide

Important factors which play an important role in selection of the right Fixed Assets Accounting software are

Size of an organization is one of the most important factors in deciding the most suitable system for your company. Say needs of a multinational corporation will be very different & diverse as compared to the needs of a small-scale industry. And so a single software isn’t going to serve the purpose of all the organization sizes.
Many organizations have multiple operations and have divisions in different countries. Such organizations sometimes temporarily transfer assets from one department to another and hence features such as Collaboration and interaction between departments is a must.
Many top management personnel have complained that they are unaware of the physical condition of their assets and many a times they lapse their repairs schedule, hence leading to unnecessary capital expenditure on their major repairs or replacement. Also, sometimes assets whose useful life is not much, but still considerable amount is spent on their repairs. An ideal system will automatically send an alert about repairs & maintenance of assets on or before the due date, hence enabling them to take suitable action.
Tracking of assets lets you know in which part of the factory your asset is located and its physical condition. This feature is very useful and a decision driving factor for organizations whose major chunk of assets are usually moving such as transport companies, shipping companies, etc.
24x7 assistance, live support & updates are pivotal since continuous amendments in the laws about accounting require continual compliance. Obviously, no one wants a software that doesn’t alert you about any non-compliance in your system.
Every enterprise nowadays track the progress of their organization on a periodical basis. In such a scenario system, this software helps you generate reports about the purchase, sale, due date of installments, fair valuation of assets, repair, maintenance schedules & costs, depreciation, useful life, production capacity, etc., as and when you require.




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